Sample Thank You Email After Phone Interview

Are you wondering how to write a thank you email after a phone interview? You may be well past the point of not wanting to call back or not wanting to accept your job offer, but most will at least ask for an email. So how do you respond to this request?

It can be easy to fall into old sales ploys in your response. It is easy to think that calling back is something you should have done already when you receive a thank you email.

The old phone interview/letter format is popular. If you are asked for an email, take a moment to write one. When your interviewer asks for an email, you may feel tempted to begin with an old template but it is also important to keep the conversation going.

That is why it is so important to provide the correct information in the email. It is critical to leave the impression that you are actually interested in the position. It is much easier to work hard at promoting yourself than to tell someone that you don’t even want the job.

Thank them for their time. Do not begin with a new sales pitch. Do mention that you enjoyed the interview. Also, that you would be more than happy to meet with them in person.

“Thanks for the interview.” is what you should say in the beginning of the email. Even if you are not offered a job, you may find that you are thinking about returning for another interview.

Now that you have the interview in the past, it is important to send out your email. Always include a self-written thank you. Another way to express your gratitude is to use a personal touch such as adding the time that you and your partner spent together before the interview. It can be easy to overlook this little touch but having this in your email can help your self-image.

Remember that you are a new recruit to a company and a new customer to an employer. So it is essential to always be on your best behavior. You want to show your interviewer that you are a motivated employee who will work hard to get their approval.



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