Equipment Tracking Spreadsheet

Equipment tracking is an important business function, and a software package such as the “Simple Equipment Tracking” spreadsheet can be the most effective tool to keep track of equipment. This spreadsheet will use the magnetic tape or other optical scanner technology to electronically record the location of the various pieces of equipment, as well as … Read more

Simple Inventory Template

Businesses of all sizes and shapes, but also those of very small businesses, can benefit from a simple inventory template. It can be a useful way to start. A template helps keep your business inventory at a good level. Inventory is the best tool that you have to keep your customers coming back to you. … Read more

Resume Template 2019 Word

A resume template is the template that you will use to write your resume. It is a detailed record of your skills and qualifications that is used for job applications. The details of your career accomplishments are listed on this document to give an idea of your potential employment record. The latest trend in education … Read more

Moo Resume Templates

Moo resume templates is an easy way to launch your career. It can help you land the job you’ve always wanted with little to no prior experience. Read on to find out more about using this form to market yourself. If you have ever found yourself in a situation where you wanted to apply for … Read more

Polished Cover Letter

If you are writing a polished cover letter, the following advice will help you create a truly impressive document. Many employers want to see an amazing, compelling letter, so making a strong impression is important. Here are some tips for creating a polished letter. The first thing to do is select a polished cover letter … Read more

Agreement Termination Letter

When a business owner has an agreement with another person, it is very important to be aware of what happens if the person is not going to honor his or her agreement. The key here is the signature line. When this line is crossed, a business will have the right to terminate the agreement. This … Read more