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Cover Sheets – Learn How To Do The Proper Formatting Of A Cover Sheet To Help Your Newsletter Get Bigger

A cover sheet is the basic file that needs to be included in a newsletter for sending a monthly update to your subscribers. It is the document that contains all the information about the content of the newsletter.

Generally it comes in three sizes. As an example, for a single newsletter it will be one sheet, four sheets and twelve sheets. However, a larger format is required for large publications such as magazine covers.

In each of the three formats, the number of columns will depend on the number of topics in the newsletter and also the nature of the various mediums that the publication will use. For instance, for a magazine with long articles, the cover sheet can be four to six pages in length. It is advised that the cover sheet is limited to two to three pages for a single newsletter and to four to eight pages for magazines.

Multiple cover sheets are very effective. They not only let you add to your mailing list but also allow you to create a more attractive presentation for a newsletter. To effectively use a cover sheet, you must have a professional template available. Some templates are available at no cost but some professional templates are only for a few dollars.

One of the best resources for a good template is the Internet. In this way, you can have many different templates to choose from, with no one getting to dictate what the template should look like. The templates are ready made. They will include a certain percentage of the text.

Multiple cover sheets are made by simply adding new sections to the existing cover sheet. In most cases, you can include a title page with your name at the top and subheading at the bottom to add additional information.

You should always be aware of the size of the cover sheet, you need to include in your newsletter and make sure that it fits into the printer that you are using. If you are using an electronic printer, it will need to be double spaced or even triple spaced for optimum printing.




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