How to resume fully expressed personal capacity?

Entered in July, the peak arrival of fresh college students job search, resume and down a lot of people are no small effort can be less than a martial arts family home to recruit a unit have the final say. Hong Kong Chi-yu, general manager of International Consulting Co., Ltd. Miss Li Yunci, with many years of recruiting experience, reading countless resumes, and she no work experience for graduates of the disadvantages, on how to effectively organize information to complete the outstanding resume and cover letter in English and Chinese.

Resume is a manifestation of communication skills Ms. Lee said the modern enterprise growing emphasis on communication skills, resume is your first time with the recruitment of units to communicate, your goal is to understand each other and receive your unit aims to know you better. Ministry of Personnel of the unit, you may be one of thousands of candidates, and some did not even have been carefully read the resume was thrown into the trash, more resume the hands of just staying in the recruitment of 10 seconds, will also be difficult escape the same fate. Those who write illegible, Manzhi typo resume simply not even think about clearance, even if you are a genius. Ms. Lee stressed that we must attach importance to resume the packaging, but packaging is important to decide victory or defeat is content.

Do you really need to have the unit is the key to the success of candidates. CV personal information in order to effectively express If you do not have the units of the required conditions, even if the deception to obtain an interview opportunities and they will also be seen through. But if you unit is in need, the opportunity to interview has not been made in respect of their own to check whether to resume the effective expression of personal information. CV basic content is essential. Do not look simple, there are always a lot of people forget to write your own contact either gender.

Ms. Lee reminded the graduates, the following is a resume essential elements: Basic personal information, career goals, educational background, the damage awards, school and extra-curricular activities, part-time work experience, training, internships and professional certification, interest in specialty. The basic code of practice on the resume, Ms. Lee said that, first of all must be true and reliable. To be informed of your units in a matter of fact the real situation is not difficult, and many units will be honest and as a first important quality, once you have fraud unit found that, even if you do not hire outstanding talent and then you. Resume the key to success Ms. Lee explained what kind of resume can be found in the recruitment of thousands of copies of resumes of people in favor of:

  1. Job clear direction and purpose. All applicants should be conducive to your posts, and even unrelated to the content of candidates will not prevent you described.
  2. Highlight of your excels. Each has its own proud of the experience and skills, such as you are speaking to and won awards, you should describe in detail, which will help you to apply for marketing positions.
  3. With facts and figures to illustrate your strengths. Do not just write you, “good communication” or “team spirit”, these empty words recruitment of people have turned a blind eye. You have to be an example on how to persuade others, how people who disagree with you a successful cooperation. This only compelling and impressive.
  4. Self-confident but do not boast. To fully and accurately express your talents can not be over-exaggerated, flashy.
  5. The appropriate unit to express their concern and interest in recruiting. This would lead to recruitment of people’s attention and goodwill, and may request an interview.