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If you are a computer programmer and looking for a sample of resume for your next job hunt, you have come to the right place. You will find one that gives you great ideas on what to list and include in your resume.

Barney E. Brown
134 Jericho Street, New York, 10006
Phone: 243-67-98/ 235-45-65

To be able to secure a position that will maximize the use of my creativity and my skills as a computer programmer which offers abundant opportunities for improvement.

Open to challenges, improvements and suggestions. Received hands on training in different institutions. I am ready to adjust with the new working area and willing to work for long hours daily with only short breaks. Has a critical and analytical thinking. Open to working with other professionals. Also has a pleasing personality which makes a good working environment.

Have excellent communication skills and customer relations. Knowledge of other fields related to computers which may prove an advantage at work. Strictly follows the terms, rules, regulations and conditions stated by the company. Has a high respect for superiors.

Graduate of Bachelor of Science major in Information Technology at the Ateneo University (2003) Summa Cum Laude
Holder of a master’s degree in computer science at the Royal Institute of Technology (2005) Cum Laude
Has attended various seminars and symposia in computer and technology and currently taking up a certificate course in computer programming

• Has an extensive knowledge in the various computer languages such as: C++, C, C sharp, Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, .NET, JDK,
• Ability to use different databases such as: Oracle, Access, DB2, MySQL
• Adjustable to any operating system (OS) like: Windows, Linux, Mac, DOS and Unix

• Knowledge in robotics and machines
• Ability to fix minor computer errors and crashes
• Has many contacts with computer dealers

John Thompson Computer Center
324 Milan Road, Georgia, United States of America
2003- 2008Job Title:
Department Head/ Featured employee of the year for six (6) consecutive years
Leadership and Management Recognition



Computer Programmer Resume

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