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Core Competencies

  • International Consultant with in-depth experience in systems integration, content management, web portal design and evaluation, intranet development
  • Recognized top technical editor, technical writer, and business process analyst
  • Creative, thoughtful, inventive, adaptable, persuasive; takes the initiative; strong analytical, problem identification, and process analysis skills
  • Adaptive to new and changing technology, with strong background of experience
  • Planner, able to develop visions for the future based on today’s knowledge
  • Focused on results; coaching, leadership, training, and teambuilding skills


  • Developed a complete Policies and Procedures Program for a major international petrochemical company, launching the company on a path to IT Management Maturity
  • Wrote a comprehensive RFP for Enterprise Content Management, documented the AHP-based proposal evaluation tool, defined criteria for proposal assessment, and supported the client’s team in coming to a vendor short list
  • Developed a website usability test suite to IEEE 829 standards and best practices, then executed acceptance testing for a Saudi government agency’s new portal website and advised the agency regarding improvements and division of responsibilities
  • Wrote a best-practice RFP template for a Saudi government ministry
  • Developed a Systems Development Life Cycle for a small application service provider, including intranet-based forms, policies, procedures, and checklists
  • Promoted intranet development in a major Middle Eastern bank, including executing proof-of-concept and designing and implementing an online Project Status Reporting application
  • Using $60 software, designed and implemented online P&P delivery and presentation to branch banks across Saudi Arabia, saving $60,000 in customization costs
  • Managed the negotiation process for a $25 million systems integration project,
    documenting all agreed and open issues and keeping the negotiators focused
  • Designed, wrote, and edited multivolume user documentation for major banking applications
  • Edited a revised Scope of Work for 5 troubled oilfield production projects, setting them on the road to successful completion

Employment Summary

  • Consultant, META group Middle East, 2003-2004. Dubai-based branch of the international IT research, advisory, and consulting company, Stamford, CT. Clients: Saudi Arabian and Kuwaiti government agencies and private companies.
    • Developed policies & procedures program; coached IT P&P development team.
    • Wrote best-practice RFP template.
    • Wrote enterprise content management RFP; defined criteria for proposal evaluation; documented the evaluation tool.
    • Researched records management (ISO 15489) and contributed to RIM proposal.
    • Designed and executed portal website acceptance testing (IEEE 829).
    • Evaluated document imaging, data warehousing, networking, and portal website RFPs and RFIs.
    • Led proposal evaluation team (FileNET).
    • Evaluated proposals, analyzed solutions, and researched vendors.
    • Provided project support and QA; evaluated security and acceptance testing plans.
  • Independent Consultant, 2002-2003.
    • Designed, indexed, and published CD-ROM archive: 4600 HTML files, 15,000 images (private client).
    • Implemented Apache Web Server, SWISH-E search, and threaded discussion.
  • Product Specialist, Resource Development Corporation, Houston, Texas, 2000-2001. A supplier of online training and training administration to the process industries.
    • Developed P&P for all aspects of business and technical/IT operations. Software development philosophy”.
    • Developed and maintained intranet. Developed online document control and delivery using ASP and MS Access.
    • Developed SDLC. Initiated ISO 9000 effort.
    • Researched oil and gas industry structure.
    • Edited planning documents for marketing, portal website development; developed logical data model for portal website.
    • Specialist in regulatory compliance for process industries.
  • Senior Technical Editor, Riyadh Bank, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 1997-1999. Riyadh Bank is the largest Saudi-owned bank and the third largest bank in the Middle East. Project was world’s largest bank automation project.
    • Served as Documentation Manager; secretary to bank Technology Committee.
    • Promoted intranet development, document management.
    • Developed Y2K internet website, intranet webs, Project Status Reporting application.
    • Designed and implemented branch procedures distribution using Acrobat.
    • Managed drafting and negotiation of $25 million Systems Integration Project contract for retail core and branch banking implementation.
    • Compiled documentation for critical legacy system.
  • Technical Writer/Editor, Riyadh Bank, 1993-1997.
    • Planned and wrote multivolume user manuals for retail banking, general ledger, treasury, trade finance, and equity investment applications.
    • Hired and trained technical writers.
    • Taught Windows Help file development; managed Help development workgroup.
    • Edited data center procedures, IT standards, and management documents.
  • Documentation Specialist, Office and Administrative Automation, Saudi Arabian Marketing and Refining (SAMAREC) Division, Aramco, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 1992-1993
  • Assistant Professor, English, 1985-1992
  • Technical Writer, Bechtel, 1981-1984


  • Ph.D., English, State University of New York at Stony Brook, 1984
  • M.A., English, University of Houston, 1975
  • B.A., Liberal Arts, Cornell University, 1970

Personal Interests

  • Art history
  • Foreign languages: German, Italian
  • Literature and literary history
    • Publications, conference presentations; past president, Andrew Marvell Society
  • Travel and travel writing





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