Formal Letter Ending Phrases

When you are writing a formal letter to another person, it is important to use formal letter ending phrases to finish your letter. Writing a formal letter is not the same as writing a simple one page letter. You should always write a letter in a more formal manner. When you send a letter to … Read more

Personal Letter Closings

Personal letters are an excellent way to begin a correspondence with a company as a form of closing. Personal letters are not only a very effective way to close a business deal, but they can also be used to inform new employees of the company’s vision and mission. Personal letter closings are an effective strategy … Read more

Formal Letter Closings

When you send out a formal letter closing for your mortgage, it is important to write something that is convincing enough to make your property or loan manager appreciate your efforts. There are many types of letter closings that are used to close mortgages, but these should not be the only ones. These are called … Read more