Sales Sheet Templates

Use your sales sheet templates wisely. They can save you a lot of time. But, do not use them for everything. Only use them when absolutely necessary.

Use your sales sheet templates creatively. Use your Microsoft Word skills to add photos of current customers and your pitch. Add new employees or customers to join your team on the sales sheet templates. Save your custom sales sheet templates in your “My Documents” section of Microsoft Word.

Or, share a link to your sales sheets with others. Add your sales sheets to a presentation or webinar series. Save a file to be used as a PowerPoint presentation.

Organize your sales sheet templates into a “workbook”. Create a separate file for each type of customer and attach a sheet of paper with your information. For example, attach your contact information for customers who can be called by an executive. Make sure all your information is current.

Add sales sheets to your product catalog. In your product catalog, locate a page that will hold your product catalog contact information. On this page, attach a sales sheet template with your contact information. This way, customers who visit your catalog page will see your contact information.

If you are a business entity with multiple locations, sell through a single website. Set up a sales sheet template for each location. Your customer invoice will list your entire sales organization with your location on it. Using sales sheet templates to create your balance sheet will increase your profit margin.

Print one-page catalogs. You have a lot of options to create one-page catalogs. One-page catalogs save time because they don’t require the use of templates. Create one-page catalogs for items that sell quickly such as books, videos, CDs, tapes, or VHS tapes.

Use sales sheet templates to create a digital slideshow presentation. Create a slideshow using one of your existing templates or design your own digital slideshow using one of your digital photo editing software programs. Use one of your existing templates to create a presentation about your company or one that illustrates how your products work. For example, you could create a sales presentation about how your new digital photo processing equipment works. The slides would include some of your company’s key accomplishments such as the benefits of using digital processing equipment.

Sell more products with sales sheet templates. The point of using sales sheets template is to provide additional information about your products or services to potential customers. With digital photography is taking the market by storm, there are many great ways to sell more of your product. For example, you could create a presentation that showcases your new digital camera and include several slide shows of your photos. Or, create a sales page using one of your existing sales sheets and then add some product information to the bottom of the page such as a description of the product, price, where it was made, and who makes it.

Sell more of your product catalogs. Create a sales sheet template that has several sections to it. This could be a standard sales page or it could have several sub-headings. For example, you could create a page that has the header, the product name, the product specifications, the list of features, price, and an optional sales blurb. These sections will allow you to create an easy-to-read, easily searchable sales sheet that includes all of the information that you need to get your product on store shelves and into the hands of your customers.