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Independent Photo Art Supply (IPAS) is not only a reseller of many photo and video imaging products, but also provides services such as rentals of imaging gear and a digital photo lab. Some of the products along with their price schedules for these services can be found by clicking on their respected link within the gray menu bar above. Not all products are listed, so you are welcome to contact us regarding the possible availability of other items.

Another service available at IPAS is Classes. You may click the Classes link above within the gray menu bar for further information.

One last service available at IPAS is image sensor cleaning. This service has a turn around time of usually 1 day. The fee for this service is typically $25. If other charges are necessary, the customer will be contacted before proceeding.

We are not a repair service center. However, we may be able to provide you with assistance that can help determine if your gear is in need of service or not. This could possibly save you from being without your gear for a couple of weeks due to just having an improper setting or if it looks as if the service required for the item is just far too great compared to the value of the item.